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For over 30 years, Citrus & Associates has been devoted in creating the oasis of your dreams. Our team leader and designer; Gregorio Gonzalez passionately takes the time to review every detail, from construction to picking the perfect flowers that will turn any yard into a beautiful terrace.  

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electronic & heating Features

Bring your yard to life with our light features and Heating systems. From pools to driveways, our team is equipped to deliver all your electronic necessities and add to the ambiance with fire fixtures.  

construction design

Customize your oasis with any structure or out door living area you can dream of.  Our construction team is equipped to build your pergolas and decks using the finest materials.

Aquatic features

At Citrus we take pride in creating the pool and spa of your dreams.  Our team works closely with each client to create a one of a kind experience. Relax as you enjoy the symphony of the water fountains and streams.

hardscape and softscape

From the peak of the tallest tree to beneath the grass and pavement; Citrus reviews every detail to assure your yard is like no other. From tree planting to stone works, we guarantee Citrus can cover all your landscape needs.

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